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Indonesia with it’s huge archipelago makes the development of a convenient form of transportation for the general population a necessity. The current trend of new Airline companies entering the national airline industry and the purchase of new aircrafts by existing companies shows that the demand for air travel has increased tremendously.

In response to the airline industry’s growing for quality staff, Capt. FX Jumbo the founder of FX Training Center, who still active flying B777 at one International Airline at middle east, has focused the scope of its training to preparing professional aircrew particularly Pilots, Flight Attendants, FOO and Ground Crew. FX Training Center with its extensive network also works as an agency that supplies and distributes trained human resources to airline companies in need of their services.

FX Training Center is committed to be the training center that provides high-quality training, supported by administrative and qualified training staff with broad experience in the airline industry. In near future, FX Training Center will join under CASR 142.

About Us